Grace Century FZ LLC is an international private equity and research consultancy, located just north of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.  We tirelessly monitor new technology and innovations in multiple industrial technology sectors. These include Healthcare, Regenerative Medicine, Alternative Energy, Recycling and Green Technology, Mobile and Financial Services. Grace Century is passionate about these sectors and how innovative new developments can enhance the quality of life for people all over the world.

Our principle purpose is to identify the best of the many innovative start-up projects being developed within these sectors. Grace Century’s experience, knowledge and rigorous screening processes enables us to select the truly “game-changing” projects, which have the best opportunity to make a profound and lasting impact within their particular industry sector. As important, we assess the new firms management and “skill sets”, knowing that this is as important a factor for success as anything else.

Once identified, Grace Century brings the selected projects, those that have passed our most stringent “due-diligence” parameters, to our international group members. Our client base consists of international angel investors and venture capitalists, receptive on participating in a direct private equity project. They have a common interest in keeping their fingers on the pulse of the latest developments and investment opportunities within Grace Century’s specialist industry sectors.

The cutting-edge private equity portfolios we identify and bring to our clients represent high-potential/ low-risk opportunities for positive return on investment. Our clients also benefit from being instrumental in helping early growth, disruptive start-up projects truly change the world, breaking new ground in terms of technology and innovation and challenging accepted industry norms, all for the betterment of how we live our lives.

Grace Century has an established global network of strategic hedge fund alliances, venture capital firms, universities, and entrepreneurs. These relationships have been groomed over 25 years of dedicated involvement within all aspects of business relating to the industry sectors we specialize in. Grace Century’s network is vital is being able to bring value, through early-growth investment opportunities, to our angel investor and venture capitalist database of clients. This diverse and global network is synergistic as well to our selected portfolio projects.

Grace Century is all about win-win; for our start-up project partners, for our Member/ clients, and for the end-user beneficiaries of the game-changing innovations we support.