Grace Century Announces Consultancy Agreement With MediXall Group Inc.

Agreement made with the healthcare disruptor MediXall to help roll out their innovative platform MediXaid in the US and potentially globally

Grace Century, an international research and private equity company based north of Dubai in the  United Arab Emirates, has aligned itself with MediXall Group Inc.

From inception, Grace Century was founded on the concept of searching the globe for those firms and leaders whose vision was to change healthcare from its core and to use technology in an industry which it believed has been unpenetrated.

We believe our network will bring tremendous value to the MediXall Group, as well as our influence abroad. We wanted to be involved simply because we believe that MediXall's model will be the 'Amazon of healthcare.'

Scott Wolf, President and Director of Research, Grace Century

MediXall Group’s mission statement is the same - looking to incubate those revolutionary ideas into market-ready solutions, such as its MediXall Healthcare Marketplace. MediXall’s Early Adopter Program attracted over 5,500 registered healthcare providers that are now completing their legal agreements and being verified and reviewed for placement on the platform. MediXall requires all providers to be certified under a proprietary credentialing review process before they can offer services through the marketplace. The company’s robust network of healthcare providers include:

  • Chiropractors: Adjustments and Body Therapy
  • Dental Care: Braces Consultation, Extraction, Dental Package
  • Holistic Medicine / Functional Integrative Medicine / Acupuncture / Massage Therapy
  • Internal Medicine / General Practice / Family Medicine/ Primary Care Physician
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Physical Therapy / Occupational Therapy
  • Psychiatry / Psychology
  • Radiology / Diagnostic Imaging – MRIs, etc.
  • Ambulatory Care Services
  • Soon to be added will be durable medical equipment and even drugs.

Scott Wolf, president of Grace Century, comments, “The industry is crying out for price discovery, transparency and comparison. To do this while maintaining the highest certification of excellence and service, all while making it easier for consumers to utilize, is in our opinion the 'holy grail.' We believe our network will bring tremendous value to the MediXall Group, as well as our influence abroad. We wanted to be involved simply because we believe that MediXall’s model will be the 'Amazon of healthcare.'"

Neil, Swartz, CEO of MediXall, comments, “We have now hit the milestones of initiating the controlled launch of the MediXall Healthcare Marketplace: building out the MediXaid Provider Network in South Florida to over 5,500 registered Early Adopter members that are now completing their legal agreements and credentialing; establishing a medical finance company with established financing products to serve the MediXaid Provider Network; entered into strategic partnerships with multiple healthcare technology companies; and established Credentialing and Medical Review boards to protect the integrity of the MediXaid Provider Network and to ensure a high-quality experience for the consumer. Our next step is to reach out and introduce this company to the International market both from an investment and expansion opportunity perspective. By partnering with Grace Century, MediXall will now be positioned to make strides towards the company’s global market initiatives.”

MediXall recently initiated a controlled launch of its new healthcare marketplace earlier this month:

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About MediXall Group

MediXall Group is a technology and innovation-driven organization purposefully designed and structured to bring effective change to the U.S. healthcare industry that is actively trading on the OTCQB. The company believes its revolutionary approach will help drive much-needed change that it envisions is needed in the current healthcare system. The mission of the MediXall Group is to revolutionize the medical industry by improving communication; providing better technology and support services; and enabling more efficient, cost-effective healthcare for the consumer. By approaching the healthcare ecosystem as a whole, MediXall creates, invests and incubates companies that embody its mission statement. MediXall’s first product is the MediXall Healthcare Marketplace, a new generation healthcare platform to address the growing need of self-pay and high-deductible consumers for greater transparency and price competition in their healthcare costs. With MediXall, consumers will now have the ability to search for doctors and book appointments based on cost, distance, ratings and availability at the click of a button.

Source: Grace Century