Grace Century Announces Launch of Unique New Medical Services Hub

Grace Century's portfolio project, The Quantum Group, has developed a new model for a medical "incubator" hub to enable healtcare and providers and consumers to find a best match for their healthcare related needs and associated products. The incubator hub, known as MediXall™ or MXI for short, will be in operation by early 2016.

​Private Equity and Research Company Grace Century today announced that its’ electronic medical records (EMR) project partner The Quantum Group will launch a unique online healthcare incubator hub to assist new healthcare-related start-ups go to market.

MediXall™, (MXI), will enable both healthcare providers and users to find the best quality, most convenient and lowest price options across a wide range of medical products and services. MXI will provide direct consumer access to medical supplies, durable medical equipment, diagnostics and other products, plus it will facilitate specially-bundled packages based on the consumers’ location, time and need. MXI will sit on a cloud-based platform, suitable for both the mobile and desktop environments, and the underlying technology is enabled by custom developments based on Quantum’s 10 U.S. approved patents. MXI will also validate all providers/vendors on the platform, whether equipment, devices or physician services to ensure the highest quality of product or service to the consumer, which is a key differentiating factor for the product.

We believe that this cloud-based hub is evolutionary in healthcare, and the incubator model will enable Quantum to be at the ground-floor of multiple future benefical scenarios for new firms in the space.

Scott Wolf, CEO and Director of Research, Grace Century

Incubators are normally considered a “win-win” as they assist new firms with everything from expertise, funding, and technology access while allowing the incubator host to participate at the ground floor.

Scott Wolf, CEO of Grace century comments” This is Quantum’s first attempt to monetize its incredible portfolio of “game changing “ patents which, in our opinion, validate the distinct and competitive advantages of Quantum’s platform PWeR, in which incorporate these patents. It is a further testament to their vision for the future integration of technology and healthcare and we are confident that the end result will be improved healthcare at lower costs”. Wolf concludes “We believe that this cloud-based hub is evolutionary in healthcare, and the incubator model will enable Quantum to be at the ground-floor of multiple future benefical scenarios for new firms in the space”.

Noel J. Guillama, President of The Quantum Group, Inc. commented “Technology today has brought us lower prices, greater ease of access and a more in-charge consumer to nearly every industry in the U.S., however healthcare products and services, which is the largest industry in the U.S. valued at over $3.3 trillion USD, has not received such a benefit. We’ve been granted 10 patents, and we have 18 more pending and in review, and our goal and inspiration is to utilize these resources and innovations to make a difference. “

MXI is expected to be in full operation by the Spring of 2016.


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About The Quantum Group, Inc.

The Quantum Group, Inc. is an innovation-driven organization purposefully designed to bring effective change to the U.S. healthcare industry. The foundation of the Company has been in design, development and deployment of innovative solutions, technology, products and services to the healthcare industry. Our purpose is to seek and assist physicians and hospital providers, as well as government and private sector payers, in managing the treatment outcomes through a patient-centered wellness concept.


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