Quantum Innovation's CEO, Noel Guillama, to Be Industry Speaker at Upcoming IoT Evolution Expo

Grace Century's portfolio company CEO to speak on the "Internet of Things", its relation to healthcare, and the integration of EHR

The 19th IOT  Evolution Expo, being held January 22-25 , 2018 in Orlando Florida, will be the stage for Quantum Innovation’s CEO, Noel Guillama, as he speaks on the dynamic IoT (Internet of Things) and its fundamental  relationship to the future of healthcare.

Mr. Guillama’s vision has led to him being awarded 14 U.S. Patents, with more than 18 currently pending, as well as heading several companies focused on the delivery of care to thousands of patients. He has for decades, seen technology as the future of providing better, and more cost-effective care, in the U.S and in an aging world. Mr. Guillama’s first IoT project dates back to the mid-1990s, during the infancy of the internet. However, today is when technologies have developed in a way that vastly expands the potential synergy of the individual systems, in his opinion. 

"It is truly amazing on how the IoT space has catapulted to the front of innovations. No longer a "buzzword" spoken among industry insiders, IoT proves to be a transformational force, and specifically its role in healthcare"

Scott Wolf, President and Director of Research, Grace Century

Mr. Guillama noted “For over 25 years I have been fascinated by technology and how effectively it has been applied in certain market sectors, and conversely the poor use of it in healthcare and the actual provision of care. For 7 years, we have been working on a new type of electronic healthcare record (EHR) we call PWeR ®, that sees the patient at the center of the delivery system. Today, the most exciting evolution in healthcare is at the crossroad of EHR, IoT and telemedicine. We are confident that these three uses of technology will change the quality and the cost curve in healthcare. That crossroad is what I am excited to share with those attending the IoT Expo in January.”

At the conference, Mr. Guillama is expected to make public the latest project his company is developing in the IoT space; BlueBox.Care ™ based on multiple pending patents. BlueBox will aggregate, process, and interpret IoT information, and then deliver that valuable information to consumers, family members and / or care team in a collective dashboard. BlueBox will be integrated in to the patients EHR.

Scott Wolf, Grace Century’s CEO comments “It is truly amazing on how the IoT space has catapulted to the front of innovations. No longer a “buzzword” spoken among industry insiders, IoT proves to be a transformational force, and specifically its role in healthcare, as Mr. Guillama sees it.” Wolf adds “Noel’s vision is an interconnected network, ultimately providing improved exceptional healthcare, reduced costs, and a healthcare industry forever changed by technology”.

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About Quantum Innovations, Inc. and PWeR® 3.0

Quantum Innovations, Inc. seeks to provide the healthcare industry with technology solutions through PWeR 3.0, a 21st century healthcare technology platform. PWeR® stands for Personal Wellness electronic Record®. This 21st century EMR/EHR solution is a new breed of intelligent healthcare information platform, which hosts medical records and permits interactive use. Medical records to follow the patient, giving every healthcare provider that sees a particular patient, access to all the information needed to affect an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan(s). Providers are able to access a patient’s entire medical record in one glance. In critical situations, or in providing treatment to patients on the PWeR 3.0 platform, hospitals may be enabled to access full medical histories, and make educated treatment decisions, based on accurate real-time data.

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